this comm is called DISCOLIKE

it is about MUSIC

Put This in Your Earholes
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This comm is called DISCOLIKE. It is about music.

This comm is called discolike. We talk about music. We share music. All sorts of music. It's pretty cool.

You have to join the comm to see the entries. After you join there is no further obligation.

There is only one rule of conduct:

Don't be a dick. Keep an open mind and don't even dare bash any else's musical opinions without a basis for your own opinion. I think you should know the boundary between honest, frank discussion and being a dick.

Honest, Frank Discussion: "I do not like Ke$ha at all."
Being a Dick: "Only tasteless whores listen to Ke$ha."

There are no other rules of conduct. Just don't be a dick okay.

And now for a few rules on posting:


1 ... There is no specific format for posts or subjects. Your creativity is the only thing limiting you. Please make sure to put everything behind a CUT, though, aside from one or two opening paragraphs or a small introductory image. All videos must be placed under a cut!

2 ... When embedding videos, please note beneath the video what the title is, which will allow anyone interested to seek that video out if it is removed by YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or wherever it is hosted.

3 ... Please post all music in MP3 format. Don't post WMAs, AACs, or others, so that everyone can listen.

4 ... Do NOT hotlink/direct link any music file posted on this community. This is a perma-ban offense

5 ... Do not password protect any downloadable files.

6 ... This is not a request community. If you request music, and especially if you make a whole new post requesting music, you may be facing a stern talking-to. YouTube embeds or links are fine, especially in discussion posts, where you can share and toss around free music to your heart's content, but don't be someone who just asks for music for the sake of doing so, not to further a discussion. :3